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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great thursday. and thanks for joining us, everybody. >> live and in hd this is "good morning, washington." >> more problems for storms until the northeast. 60,000 customers who lost power. some are in the dark again. it is november 8, thursday, i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get to jacqui jeras. >> we really got off easy on this system. if you take a look at the radar you can see the center and the core of this storm impact in new
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england. it is winding down for new jersey and us as well. we will see clearing skies today. a chilly start. not terrible. high pressure will be moving in today. these guys will be clearing out. it still will be breezy and " what is in the lower to middle 50's today. it is time for traffic. >> not too much roadwork. 270 lanes open through silver spring. taking a look off in the distance heading across the bay bridge. mid-60's's at the bay bridge. we have an interstate on -- an incident on interstate 95.
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a box truck is rolled over on its side. the left side of the roadway is blocked. we will keep a close watch on it for you. >> thank you some much. it is 4:32. parts of new york and new jersey still trying to recover from hurricane sandy. it brought rain and a lot of snow. >> that left thousands in the dark. >> the northeast had just begun recovering from super storm sandy and now this. heavy snowfall on top of the destruction. >> this is like insult to injury. >> the storm is dropping sleet and rain with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and the falling temperatures are at adding to problems with those without heat and electricity. >> i am waiting for electricity.
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this morning i was waiting -- i heard a 30 mile per hour winds. >> police urged people to take shelter. volunteers at donation sites are clearing out the supplies that have been collected in order to make room for people who might need warm shelter. >> we are trying to make sure all these people have a place to stay. >> new jersey issued a mandatory evacuation order for several communities. >> police are knocking on doors telling us to evacuate immediately. the one everybody out of the houses. >> you need to be prepared for that. i am prepared for that. i hate setbacks. i do not tolerate them usually very well. this one i cannot control. " airlines are also taking a hit with more than 1700 flights canceled yesterday and today. consumers have been dealing with
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gas shortages. they are now dealing with icy roads and closed highways. >> it is really bad. we are waiting in line to get gas and to get home. >> they will keep waiting to play soccer as well. d.c. united was supposed to play last night but snow forced the match to be postponed until tonight. this comes after game 1 was delayed because of hurricane sandy's. >> massive power outages were caused. 9:00 this morning, the county board of commissioners will update the state of emergency. >> a man who admitted to trying to kill gabrielle gifords will learn his fate today.
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he pleaded guilty to 19 charges in the rampage that killed six people and wounded 13 others. he will spend the rest of his life in prison under a plea deal. >> jury selection gets underway in the trial of a university student accused of killing her roommate. first-degree murder in the september 2011 death of frazier. simpson claims she was acting in self-defense. the testimony set to begin next week. three suspects in the beating and robbery will be back in court today. a felony status will be held. the third suspect will appear in court on tuesday. this was back in august. he ended up suffering severe brain injuries. the postal service has some news
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for us today as it prepares for the holiday rush. >> as we still try to get over what happened yesterday in the markets. >> hello to you. it appears as today's huge sell- off on concerns of the fiscal cliff, we could be in for a slight recovery today. teachers are indicating a higher open. the postal service plans to release their holiday forecast as it gears up for the holiday rush. it will also tell us what they consider important mail buy and ship by dates this year to make sure those holiday gifts and cards get to your loved ones in time. the announcement is expected at the post office later this morning. we have already heard from the ups. they expected their busiest shopping day to be december 20 while fed ex predicts it to be earlier on december 10. if you are flying home for thanksgiving he would join 24 million passengers and the sky.
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they predict that many people will travel from november 16 through november 27. a bright spot for the airline industry dealing with higher fuel costs. have you ever made a phone call on an airplane? there is a lot of debate on whether that should be allowed. >> thank you so much. we will see shortly. it is 4:37 and we are looking at 40 degrees. >> still to come, we will take a look at some of the challenges ahead for the president as he starts his second term. we will
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>> amtrak expanding service. by late tomorrow they intend to open three tunnels that provide access to and from penn station. those tunnels were flooded by the storm. having them open will allow expanded service north south and west of new york city. >> let's get a check of the weather with jacqui jeras. >> that is impacting new england, by getting better conditions here. we still have the cloudiness
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this morning. all the rain and snow is pretty much over with for us and new york city. a couple of sprinkles over on the eastern shore. that will be moving out sen. 42 at reagan national. 41 at dulles. we had a record yesterday. it was the lowest maximum temperature ever recorded. today no records expected. we will see maier morning shower. clearing skies in the afternoon. wind gusts 20-30 m.p.h.. our high between 50 and 55. >> we are starting off with a little activity. virginia, 66. eastbound 66 near the exit for 28 -- we will have more on that as crews arrive.
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in maryland, a box truck on its side. no. now 95 north of 32. -- northbound i-95 north of 32. southbound lanes are open. no problems right now a round of the beltway. >> thank you so much. 4:42 right now. immigrants rights groups will call on the president to push for immigration reform. >> several supporters of the dream that plan to hold a rally around the white house. they wanted the president to fulfill his promise of passing comprehensive immigration reform. what's it will likely be put on the back burner as they work to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff.
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it could plunge the u.s. economy back into recession. >> it is incumbent the parties work together to avoid the fiscal cliff and lay a plan for growth. >> we can avert the cliff that serves as a catalyst for major solutions enacted in 2013 to begin to solve the problem. >> analysts believe thousands of jobs could be lost if the massive spending cuts and tax increase do take effect. >> if you go to the capital, you will see they are already building the inaugural platform and stage where the president will be sworn in for a second time. we are told some hotels are already getting calls about rooms. >> find out what hotels have
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availability. is important with what things are happening in the city they can take advantage of it. >> that will run from 4:00 until 2:00 a.m. on election day. the ge real way it success does not plan to offer service since it falls on the martin luther king jr. holiday. >> many of you might have stayed up late tuesday night to learn the results of the election. >> a lot of people hurting yesterday. >> who is the president? obama. >> obama. >> he is from fort washington. we are told this little vested up with his family until 1:00 in the morning to see if president obama would be elected.
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he finally settle down before the president took the stage in chicago. 4:42 right now, 40 degrees outside. >> it is the place you least expect france to take place. a local teenager says she was
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>> 4:47 and now. people trying to recover from super storm sandy. the northeast devastated by last week's storm. it knocked out power for those who have just had their power restored. the man who tried to kill her is sentenced. loughner pleaded guilty to 19 charges. jury selection expected to begin today in the trial of alexis simpson, charged with killing her roommate. back in september 2011, she killed domonique frazier over music being played on and ipod. >> officers were called to the 23rd block. they found the victim outside
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of an apartment building with a gunshot wound. there is no word on what exactly led up to the shooting. police are investigating the discovery of a body next to a burning car. found on the 1400 block of brentwood parkway. at this time, the circumstances surrounding the body and the car not clear. >> a bus charter charged in connection with a deadly crash on i-95 will go on trial today. four counts of involuntary manslaughter in the may 2011 bus crash. it was heading for north carolina to new york city when it overturned after he fell asleep at the wheel. four people died and dozens of others -- dozens of others were hurt. >> manning is facing 20 charges including aiding the enemy for allegedly giving thousands of classified military documents to the wikileaks website.
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>> the search continues for the man behind an attack at a library. >> she was insulted in the bathroom of the thomas jefferson library in falls church. >> thomas jefferson library is a place of quiet refuge and enlightenment. it is the last place you would expect of violence to unfold. >> i have never seen anything like that happening around here. >> a female told police she thought a man was following her so she ducked into the bathroom. he followed and refused to leave and then touched and pushed the woman. he fled after she kicked and screamed at. >> that is scary. i come to the library every day. >> it is really surprising. sometimes you see some strange
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people. the fact he went that far is scary. >> walking to my car sometimes it gets creepy. especially at night. it gets empty. >> the suspect has been described as an african-american male five a day, 170 pounds. distinctive features on his face. one is a diagonal scar on his forehead. he has a gap in his teeth and a shaven head. >> 4:51 on thursday morning. chilly once again. >> find out why germaine jackson wants to change his famous last name. >> learn which star is no
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>> it is 4:54. >> let's check in with jacqui jeras again. >> because we have had this morning will give way to some sunshine. we got off easy with the northeaster, it has been a miss for people in the northeast. over 4 inches of snow in central park. bridgeport had 5.5 inches. still snowing and parts of new england. things are winding down for us. chilly temperatures that are
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about average. 42 after reagan national. 41 at dulles. looking for a morning shower clear by the afternoon. 30 mile per hour gusts at times. we will see a high of 50-55 degrees. looking good with an ice warming trend by this weekend when the high temperatures make it well into the 60's. >> we have a couple of items that hopefully by 5:00 is cleared out of the way. not too much of any backups. 395 northbound as you come off the beltway, a minor crash on the right side. if they can get that wrapped up, we will be happy about that. san story on 66 near 28 and
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centerville. they have blocked the right lane. just north of 32 around the curve, just about clear. they were just about to get that truck that had overturned out of the roadway. 270 wide open for you. >> thank you. 12:-- 4:56 right now. you know her as the character alex dunphy. >> her mother has temporarily lost custody of the actress who claims she has been physically and emotionally abusive to the teenager. their mother has not been ordered to stay away and have no contact until november 20 hearing, which the sister was appointed as the temporary guardian. >>scott had gone as far out to
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stop filming locations. but he jumped to his death from a bridge in california. executives are considering scrapping the sequel to "top gun" all together. they do not want to be insensitive to his family members or fans. jermaine jackson wants to change his name to something a little bit brighter. >> the older brother of the late michael jackson filed a petition to changes in at -- his last name to "jacksun." he said he would do it for artistic reasons. the decision has nothing to do with us talking to him back there a few months ago. >> we were backstage that day.
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4:57 right now and 40 degrees. >> a bold show of support for the colts head coach.
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